Before last year I had no idea how important a pot rack would be in my household.                                                                                                

As some married couples do we have disagreements that get a little out of hand over somewhat petty issues and I came home from work one day to find most of our pots strewn across the kitchen floor. I knew then that I was in the doghouse

dog house

dog house (Photo credit: libraryrachel)

for something, so I called for my wife and got no answer and I found her in the bedroom, arms crossed with the “evil eye”look on her face and I asked her “what was wrong ?” She began by shouting at me that she couldn’t cook for me anymore in an unorganized kitchen and that all of her friends had pot racks

Pot Rack

Pot Rack (Photo credit: Eric Kilby)

and why couldn’t she have one too. I knew what was coming next so, me and a can of beer had a think tank on the patio and I made the decision to purchase a pot rack from On the day it arrived I will always remember the smile on her face as she opened the package and gave the “Thank you honey, I love you” look which was my cue to proceed with installation of said pot rack. After I installed it she proceeded to cook me one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time and on the plus side it’s now more difficult for her to reach the very same pots that she used as weapons when our disagreements got out of hand.

“Evil Eye”
Thank you for smoothing out our marriage and motivating my wife to cook for her loving and hard-working husband.