Even the most advanced wine connoisseurs know the importance of having an adequate wine rack to display their latest purchases in the kitchen or dining room. Here’s what you should assess when you find yourself in need of an intermediate shelf for holding wine.

Hanging Wine Rack

A Chef’s Helper

The number of bottles you wish to store at a time is very specific to your particular habits, so it’s important to consider exactly how many bottles you’re likely to keep on hand, while leaving some leeway for more purchases. There’s something to accommodate small and extensive wine collections alike. If you regularly throw wine tasting soirees, a rack that can hold 25 or 36 bottles at once is probably your best bet. For those who have a more modest collection, the 10 or 12 bottle racks are also available. Is space an issue? There are even wine racks in six and nine bottle varieties to sit easily on top of your refrigerator, counter, or other small surface.
The second most important thing to consider when buying this product is where you’d like it to go. For cooks who need their cooking sherries, dry white wines, and merlots on hand for quickly adjusting a dish, look no further than a hanging wine and accessory rack, which keeps bottle openers, wine glasses, and towels overhead. Freestanding statement pieces are a great addition to the living room or foyer, especially when accompanied with a wood or glass surface on top.
Whether you want to show off your latest French find, or re-live a recent trip to wine country, wine racks are a timeless staple that has served wine drinkers well through the ages.