A hanging pot rack is used to make access to pots and other items easier and more comfortable. By hanging down within your arm’s reach and being clearly visible, finding the item you need and obtaining it becomes much less of a strain and hassle than sifting through piles in low cabinets or upon shelves. These racks feature many shapes, sizes, and materials to match your kitchen decor as well.

A Hanging Pot Rack With Lights

Lighted Hanging Pot Rack

Most hanging racks suspend from chains and are affixed to the ceiling by way of screws or hooks. Many are quite easy to assemble and install with basic hand tools, and can therefore be an inexpensive way to not only provide a convenient storage place for pots but also enhance the look of your kitchen. A countless number of designs are available featuring cast iron, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass, so finding the right style is only a matter of time.

Once installed, these racks typically hold a good deal of weight depending on the type, and in addition to pots and pans you can hang various other utensils. Some hanging racks also have a slated grid upon which bowls and lids can be stored, freeing up even more space elsewhere in your kitchen.

Other benefits of these racks include the ease of access they offer, especially if you suffer knee or lower back pain. Without any stooping or crouching involved when reaching for pots or other utensils, less stress is put on areas that in many people suffer chronic discomfort.