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Enclume and Why



The Essence of Enclume

We know you will appreciate Enclume’s classic designs, in quality cookware racks. They are the finest you will find. The following points of interest summarize why.

WHY SHOULD YOU BUY ENCLUME? (Pronounced “Ahn-Kloom”)

Reason #1: In a mass-produced world, Enclume provides old-world
craftsmanship quality and service!

Enclume products are hand wrought by skilled craftsmen on traditional French metal forming equipment at our factory in Port Hadlock, WA. We inspect for quality after every step of the manufacturing process. Each piece is then hand wrapped ensuring that you receive our product in pristine condition. You can’t find a better cookware rack at any price!

Reason #2: You’re only as good as your materials.

The strength of Enclume products begins with the materials we use, such as highcarbon steel, and hand-selected Eastern maple. Our racks are forged of steel
up to twice as thick as our closest competitor. Our copper, brass and chrome racks are electroplated, then painstakingly hand-polished to a stunning mirror finish.

Reason #3: That’s how a cookware rack is supposed to look!

That’s what one of our customers said when they first saw an Enclume display. When you think classic designs and timeless old-world styles (including new
contemporary styles), that’s Enclume! Enclume racks feature our signature hanging arms, supporting the main rim rather than the typical lightweight chain hooked through a thin rim. Our hammered steel is recognized as the standard in cookware rack finishes.

Reason # 4: Heirloom quality to be passed along for generations!

Forged to last a lifetime in classic contemporary designs, your Enclume cookware rack will become a treasured heirloom to be passed on through the generations. “Never be afraid to purchase quality; you won’t be disappointed!”

Enclume Hammered Steel 4 Foot Oval Pot Rack w/Grid, includes two 5″ extension hooks, 12 straght and 12 angled pot hooks. When the five foot rack is too big, and the three foot rack is too small,”Voila!” Eclume presents it’s four foot oval hammered steel pot rack.



  • Mounts on 16″ Centers
  • 48″L x 17″W x 22″H
  • Shipping Weight: 40lbs
  • Utensils, chain or cookware. Not included